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In 2010, amidst our honeymoon, broke and facing the financial crisis, we discovered a hidden tea shop in Granada, Spain. There, the elusive loose-leaf tea captivated our senses and ignited an unyielding passion. Over a decade later, we've served thousands in our tea houses, prioritizing community and premium quality. Now, our goal is to extend our love for tea to you, our online customers, sharing these remarkable brews that stir our souls.




Mango Gusher - Cold Brew Pack
Mango Gusher - Cold Brew Pack

Mango Gusher - Cold Brew Pack

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5 Star Reviews

I got this for my family to enjoy and hands down it is the most flavorful, delicious cold brew tea we’ve ever had. I highly recommend this! It was so good I ordered 15 more bags

Hilary Goodliff

I love this place and I’m so happy that they do online orders and ship. I get to enjoy my favorite tea from across the country :)

Mariah Latimer

This is my second time ordering the 9 pack, and once again, every flavor is so amazing and tasty and refreshing. I had a question and got a personal response on a Sunday!! Love this company!

Krista Saxton

I love this cold brew. The flavor is perfect blend of tartness & sweet. And it’s so super easy to make which I absolutely love. This is my fav of all the fruit cold brews.

Rebecca Chapman

This tea, just from the smell of opening the bag alone took my olfactory senses on a magical level, and journey. The tea tastes ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING!! I will recommend to everyone who shares a passion of herbal teas! 10/10 RECOMMENDED!

Lance Hall

This delicious tea has been my most favorite beyond memory - and The Scented Leaf creates the very best blend. Calming, soothing yet intriguing with complex flavors. There is no added sweetener either, just straight up natural. Perfection!

Diane Hilscher

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