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Create Your Own 6 Cold Brew Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Amber Dew
Wonderful cold brew

I liked the create your own 6 pack option so that I could try a variety of flavors. All were delicious!

Alycia Perk

This is THE best tea house! I legit gave up my (not going to mention the name) Coffee place, and am drinking Scented Leaf tea only, when I'm out and about. The combinations are amazing and it can scratch any sweet itch you have. The create your own 3 pack is awesome because I can almost create the same drink at home. My pack tastes magnificent and they have so many different types of Loose Leaf and Cold Brew to make your day. I'm never going back to the other guys, so much healthier than some of our other options. The 3 pack is a great deal and the more packs you buy online the better the deal seems.


I haven’t disliked any flavor yet they are amazing and so easy to make!

michael k.
First time cold brew drinker

I love this tea and will certainly be a repeat customer MANY TIMES. It's also easy to tell that this is a very good company, run by people who truly care about their customers.


I love getting iced tea blends to drink, and being able to make it at home is more convenient and cheaper than going to the store every time. That's why I'm a fan of the cold brew packs. It's also easier than brewing from the loose leaf tea in the jug. I'm a fan of London Fog, but lately I've been getting into the Ginger Peach. It's very refreshing. I like to get a variety of packs.