Earl Grey Creme

Per Oz: 1 oz (avg. 15 cups)


Delight in the refined flavor of Earl Grey Creme, a tea worthy of royalty. Hand-picked black tea from Indian mountain slopes is blended with bergamot essential oils and French vanilla, resulting in a rich, citrusy cup of perfection. Fit for a king or queen, this posh tea is perfect for enjoying any time of day.

Caffeine Level: High

Ingredients: Organic Indian black teas, bergamot essential oil, organic cornflower, bergamot essential oil, natural flavors

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tea. Earl Grey. Delicious.

I am a tea fiend. More than that, I am an Earl Grey fiend. For me, a good cup of tea in the morning makes the difference between "well, I guess we have to do this 'day' thing all over again" and "let's make today great!". With the power of Scented Leaf's Earl Grey Creme, my mornings become "Let's conquer the world!"
Smells delicious. Tastes amazing. Smooth, sweet but not too sweet, rich and complex flavors. Comforting and energizing. This is the tea I want to smell like when I grow up!

a tea staple

I've been trying different earl grey brands for a while now, and this is a very versatile tea that tastes great whether brewed hot or cold, drank alone or with milk/honey/etc. No wonder everyone loves it. I must always have this in my tea collection year-round.

Hannah Nance

I’ve been a tea drinker since I was very young. Earl Grey tea has always been my favorite, especially London fogs! When I discovered Scented Leaf, and their Earl Grey Creme, I ended up finding my new everyday tea. It’s perfect hot, with or without sweeter and/ or milk (I love it with oat-milk and honey!). As well as it being iced on a hot summer day, or any day! It gives summer dresses in Paris. Sweaters and candles on a rainy day. Best when studying and/ or taking time for yourself!
A tea I will highly recommend forever!

Heart snow
Silky tea

Smooth sweet and silky. Great with or without milk. Great for a smooth start to the day

k h
Earl Grey Creme

Wonderful scent and presentation. Great with coconut cream and a touch of sweet!
I add a touch more bergamot too.

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